Week 2 Day 3

  • Final Project: Finalizing Design Solutions, Mockups, Intro Presentations
  • Printer Take-Apart


Students have finished identifying their solution goals and continued to solidify their invention designs through research, sketching, sub-system identification, and design Mockups.

Students then gave a preliminary summary of their problem and invention goals, sharing their mockups and design drawings and opening the floor to questions.

Project Progress

Progress - including design sketches, mockups, research, and requirements - will all be tracked on the course website. Feel free to update your google-doc 1-sheet as you go, which will be used as a reference for the site. Use the other teams’ progress as inspiration and information for your own project - What techniques can you borrow, is there a shared technical problem you could collaborate on, etc?

Additional Drawing Examples


Mockups are low-fi prototypes of inventions, used for design exploration and evaluation. They are also a great way to communicate your ideas in three dimensions. They do not have to be functional, but you should endevor to replicate the final product aesthetics and structure to the best of your abilities, given your available resources.

Mockups Are:

  • Scale or full-size replicas
  • Different from prototypes in that they do not need to approximate functional compoenents (don’t need to work, but can).
  • They do need to approximate the visual and spatial components.
  • Mockups help you experience and evaluate: Porportions, User-Interaction, Aesthetics, Ergonomics
  • Remember to center the User in your Design.

Ex. A Design Concept of a Fume Extractor represented by a Design Sketch and a 3D Mockup:

Additional Mockup Examples

Inventor Mockups:

Printer Take-Apart:

Today we will be taking apart broken inkjet printers. The objective of this activity is to demystify the functionality of household objects, reveal the fundamental components that go into moving systems, and salvage usable components for potential project use (Stepper Motors, Limit switches, etc).