Inventor Camp Resources


Visit the Inventor Camp Youtube playlist for a complete listing of all videos referenced in the course.

On-Campus Resources


  • Cascade Fab Lab
    • 60W Laser Cutter
    • CR-10 3D Filament Printer (x2)
    • Roland Vinyl Plotter
    • Sewing Machine
    • CNC Embroidery Machine
    • Jig Saw
    • Hand Drill
    • Misc. Small Hand Tools
    • Soldering Irons + Soldering Equipment
    • Electronic peripherals + components
  • Interactivity Lab
    • Soldering Irons + Soldering Equipment
    • CR-10 Creality 3D Filament Printer
    • Ender 3 Creality 3D Filament Printer
    • Electronic peripherals + components


  • Arduino IDE (Free to Download)
  • Fusion 360 (Free to Download)
  • Adobe Illustrator

    Take-Home Supplies

  • Design Notebook + Pen
  • Arduino Starter Kit (Micro-Controller, Wires, Resistors, Breadboard, Sensors, Actuators, etc.) Included Documentation
  • Solder Kit (Soldering Iron, Solder, Desoldering Pump, Wire Strippers, etc.) + Helping hands
  • Toolbox

  • Snacks/waterbottle

Community Resources

  • Free Geek : Non-Profit Computer Recycling and Reuse Company. Sells affordable refurbished laptops, provides free workshops, and volunteer opportunities (log 24 hours and get a free computer!).

  • Free Geek Recommended Resources : Big List of tech resources and programs around Portland.

  • Portland Tool Libraries: Google “Portland Tool Libraries” to find tool library nearest you. (Tool libraries work just like any library, get an account and you can check out all sorts of tools for free, a week at a time)

Online Learning

Arduino Guides/Tutorials

Tool and Material Sourcing


  • URS Electronics: Local electronic component supply store, they sell wholesale and consumer. Friendly staff can help you find the right switch, sensor, relay. Call ahead to check stock.

123 N.E Seventh Avenue, Portland, OR 97214.

Open: Mon-Fri 7:30 - 4:30.

Phone: 503.233.5341

  • TAP Plastics: Good Selection of Plastic Sheeting, tubing, signage material - Great place to source material for laser-cutting projects.

2842 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR 97232.


Open: Mon-Fri 8:30 to 6, Sat 9 to 5.

Phone: 503.230.0770

  • Home Depot: General purpose material/tool supply.
  • Harbor Freight: Has lots of cheap tools (in both senses of the word).
  • PSU Electronic Prototyping Lab: Supplies PSU Electrical Engineering students, sell basic electrical components (Resistors, wiring, capacitors, etc) - Good if you’re in a pinch and need something immediately.
  • Goodwill/The Rebuilding Center/Scrap/Other Second Hand Stores: Great for finding cheap material, junk electronics, etc. to prototype with.


  • Sparkfun: Good collection of microcontrollers/peripherals with great documentation and support.
  • Mouser: Good for sourcing specific electronic components at affordable prices
  • McMasterCarr: Great source for mechanical components and raw materials (ships quickly and has CAD files for most of their products).
  • For Everything Else