Day 5

  • Identifying Solvable Problems: Engineering Examples and Methods
  • Continued Project Breakdown
  • Finish up Laser Cutting and Soldering Projects
  • Identify Final Project Problems HW

Engineering Problems

This week, we are wrapping up discussions of problem identification, as we prepare to design solutions. Next week we will be breaking into groups of 2-3, assigning specific problems, and beginning the solution design and prototyping process.


  • To Identify a problem with a feasable engineering solution.


  • Identifying Engineering Problems: Slides


Homework: Many problems were identified today, but most require refinement and additional detail to serve as final project problem statements. This weekend’s homework is for students to identify a minimum of three problems from the list and narrow the scope of the problem to one that can be addressed via technology. Students are encouraged to discuss their problem topics with others, to help identify a concrete problem statement that includes a who, what, and a why.

  • Additional details are available in the preceeding slides, as well as on the Homework Handout

Optional Circuit Activities: