About the STEAM Work Experience Program

The STEAM Work Experience Program is part of Portland Community College’s Opening Doors Program - The Opening Doors Program is geared to increase educational equity for the young women and men who are involved with the Juvenile Justice System, including detention and residential facilities. Students gain exposure to post-secondary education and gain career credentials that allow them to quickly attain employment at a living wage. Opening Doors prioritizes work with students set to be released in under 90 days.

The Opening Doors Program is based in PCC’s Margaret Carter Skills Center The Skill Center provides a connection for underserved students who are seeking to increase opportunities for educational advancement, personal growth, and workplace success through intense and hands-on support in problem-solving and self-advocacy at PCC and in the community.

Skill Center staff connect students with campus and community resources to empower students to overcome barriers to accessing a technical/vocational program at PCC, to finding gainful employment or to beginning an advanced degree program throughout their time at PCC. Supports are primarily designed for students experiencing significant life transitions, including students returning to college after a long absence, students requiring GED completion, or students exiting correctional facilities.

The Skill Center is located in the Margaret Carter Technology Education Building on PCC’s Cascade Campus.