Team A - The Dispensary

Final Presentation Download

The Problem:

For people on medication, it can tend to be hard to remember to take their pills because as human beings, we have busy lives.

The Solution:

An Invention to address this problem would be: The Dispensary: A device, worn on the wrist that stores and dispenses medication, capable of reminding the user to take their medication at user-designated times. It would include both audible and physical methods to alert to user it is time to take his/her medication.

Invention Attributes:

Minimum Requirements:

  • some sort of a reminder both audibly/visually/physically
  • easily dispensable
  • sturdy/strong/comfortable
  • easy to use
  • See quantity of pills

Secondary Goals:

  • make it portable
  • Able to fit under shirtsleeve
  • Smallest power source possible

Reach Goals:

  • we can make it usable by hearing/vision impaired (braille) individuals
  • Mini Wrist Flask?

History and Context:

Design Ideas:

  • Mock up:

  • Living Hinges:

  • Sensors: RTC
  • Tools: Laser Cutter, 3D Printer

Subsystem Map:

  • Structural/Mechanical: Michael
    • Mechanical iris
      • Spring
      • lever
      • Schematic
    • Armband [Joel] {testing in progress}
      • Living hinges (maybe fabric)
      • Container [michael] {done}
        • For Pills, Electronics
  • Electrical: Bao Truc
    • Power(battery)
      • Lithium Ion/other
      • Recharging(reach)
      • Container?
      • 9V?
    • Soldering
      • Soldering Shield (wires and stuff)
    • Microcontroller (Amazon Microcontroller)
    • Number pad
      • Size, Reset button
    • Button
      • (possibly)
    • Speaker (the tiny one)
    • Protoboard (breadboard)
  • Programming: Philip
    • LCD screen [philip] {not done}
    • Time to take meds at the inputed time
    • RTC(Alarm Clock With LCD)
    • Yellow Blue LCD
    • Speaker
      • (What sounds are we going to program?)
    • Microcontroller
      • User interface
      • LCD, Speaker Output
      • Keypad/Joystick
        • Code

BOM (Bill of Materials):

  • Velcro
  • Multiple shapes of pills for testing
  • Plexiglass/acrylic/clear(window)
  • Snap latch
  • Birch Plywood
  • Teensy INSTEAD of uno(too big)
  • Sturdy Fabric
  • RTC(real time clock)
  • OLED Screen
  • 9V Battery
  • LiIon Battery Pack + Charger(Maybe)

Final Product:

It is a medication reminder that is portable and assists one in remembering when to take their medication on time wherever they are.

Our group was able to successfully code a program with an audible reminder that goes off at the user prescribed time and stop when a button next to it is pressed. A spacious box for medication is included in the device.